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Bilateral Business Councils, an integral part of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), play a vital role in the promotion of international business. The main activity of the Councils is expansion of business between Sri Lanka and the partner country. As at date, the Ceylon Chamber operates 21 Bilateral Business Councils and their prime objectives are promotion of trade, investment, joint ventures and services including tourism between Sri Lanka and the respective countries. The CCC facilitates and co-ordinates the activities of the Councils by providing professional secretarial services. The Councils function through a group of businessmen in Sri Lanka and a counterpart body in the partner country in close co-ordination with the diplomatic missions. The overseas counterpart bodies are either a Chamber of Commerce or a Trade Promotion Organisation specially set up to encourage imports from developing countries.

The Bilateral Business Councils have a great impact on promoting exports and /or attracting investments through joint meetings with partner countries. The Business Councils facilitate business matchmaking events through business promotion missions, trade fairs and product/service catalogue exhibitions as means to promote bilateral business.

Membership is open to Individuals, partnerships, companies, state owned enterprises or other organisations engaged in trade, tourism or services or engaged in joint ventures with the respective country or interested in entering into or promoting trade, tourism, services or joint ventures with organizations in the partner country shall be eligible for membership of the Council. For further details contact us by e-mail –

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