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CCC Solutions (PVT) LTD 

CCC Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) is the projects implementation and management arm of the CCC which was initiated in 2009. CCC Solutions was set up to overlook selected projects that were previously under the purview of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. In recent years, the CCC Solutions has been successful in securing many projects which, in addition to earning substantial revenue, will also assist in achieving some of the core objectives of the Chamber.

The Company has offered consultancy under the SWITCH-Asia Programme funded by the European Union (EU) with special emphasis on Food and Beverage and Leisure Sectors which contributes immensely to the overall economic development of the country.  Through these projects, sustainability initiatives have been introduced to almost 850 companies (micro to medium and large corporates) which is ought to give them the leverage to market their products and services in keeping with global trends recognizing ‘green initiatives’. The Company has also played a key role in the development of an initiative to drive business opportunities between Norway & Sri Lanka under a donor funded programme from NORAD since 1994.

Proceeding the successful completion of several EU funded Switch Asia projects, CCC Solutions initiated and conducted comprehensive, preparatory work on embarking new donor funded programs to be implemented from 2015.

These projects aim on building capacity in the hospitality & leisure sector, development of vocational training services in Sri Lanka, SME Sector Empowerment – an initiative led by the CCC Solutions in collaboration with number of stakeholders in the form of public/private sector, banking & international agencies. The project aims at facilitating the supply and demand aspects of empowering the SME, fostering business solutions, capacity building through technology transfer, access to finance, market positioning of SME products and services, business networking sessions etc. to address the critical development needs and the resource allocations that would benefit the SME sector across the country.

Moreover another protracted project is “empowering the rural economy through financial inclusion and capacity development initiatives”. This project would also cover greater family economic, social and cultural development by bringing in elements like health-care, education, child and women protection etc., and will work with number of wider public and private sector stakeholders.

Thus, CCC Solutions will focus on expanding the Chamber’s project management arm by working closely with numerous public/private sector stakeholders, Donor Organizations, International NGO’s and Multilateral Aid Agencies etc.

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