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Economic+Sector Review and Outlook 2018


The three-part report titled ‘Building on Stability’ looks at the key trends and risks impacting the global economy as well as its implications to the local market in 2018.  Furthermore, the report provides the outlook for the key economies Sri Lanka engages in trade with, as well as the implications of higher oil prices and flavour of consumption.The report includes a special section, which provides strategic insights on the performance and trends likely to impact the key sectors of the economy.

The publication will aid businesses in their strategic decision-making while capitalizing on the opportunities within the reform process.



The ‘Economic + Sector Review and Outlook Report 2018’, published by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was launched to the public with the first copy handed to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Governor, Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy at the annual Economic Outlook seminar concluded on the 22 January 2018. The publication produced by the Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ceylon Chamber highlights the outlook of key macroeconomic indicators, trends and policies affecting the business environment and high-level views on the performance of the key economic sectors.


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