The International Trade Centre (ITC) in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka is implementing a four-year EU funded project, EU – Sri Lanka Trade-Related Assistance Project, aiming at strengthening Sri Lanka’s inclusive trade-led growth and regional integration through increased trade competitiveness of Sri Lankan SMEs in regional/SAARC and EU markets.


The project has already developed an e-learning curriculum to support SMEs complying with Sri-Lanka cross-border procedural and regulatory requirements in relation with export transactions to EU and SAARC markets. After the completion of this e-learning training, trainees will be equipped with practical information on how to improve their company compliance with import/export administration requirement.


As a component of this project, ITC, in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), has planned to offer on-the-job coaching on export management to selected companies that have enrolled their staff in the e-learning programme. The objective of this on-the-job coaching is to assist selected companies to review their internal organization and internal processes with a view to enhance their ability to reduce their transaction costs and to improve their compliance with administrative requirements. The on-the-job coaching will also allow the coaches to provide additional training and tips to the company employees that had not participated to the e-learning curriculum.


As the key implementing partner of on the job coaching for export SMEs, the Chamber will be responsible for successful implementation of following activities in collaboration with ITC;

  • Develop a coaching kit including: interview questions to assess the company performance in managing trade transactions, organisational and procedural checklists, standard job description, SME freight-desk structure, export management standard operating procedures
  • Identify 10 national coaches with a relevant experience in export formality management
  • Organize a 5 days’ train-the-coach event to build national coach understanding of the coaching kit and build their capacity to provide on-the-job trainings to SMEs.
  • Organize coach-the-coach sessions through which an international consultant will accompany the national coaches in their first on-the-job coaching mission
  • Facilitate the organization of 50 on-the-job coaching missions

Project Partners