Citi Bank in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Hatton National Bank initiated the ‘Rural Economic Empowerment Programme” in June 2015. The programme aptly titled CITI-CCC Rural Economic Empowerment Programme has three specific objectives to user economic transformation of rural entrepreneurs:

  • to facilitate skills development on entrepreneurship and technical know-how on income generation / micro enterprise
  • to improve access to finance through facilitating with banks and formal financial institutes
  • to provide necessary guidance, advisory services and business development services to ensure success of their businesses

The first phase of the project assisted over 400 rural entrepreneurs in four rural villages in Matara and Ratnapura Districts. The project empowered the rural entrepreneurs by providing business management training and facilitating financial assistance through linking them with the banks, particularly HNB. The business management training comprised of three one day modules on; i. Financial Literacy, ii. Costing and Marketing and iii. Business Plan Preparation. Satisfied with the success of the first phase of the project, Citi provided the financial assistance to continue uplifting of livelihoods of people in rural areas by implementing a second phase of the project targeting a few more remote villages. Under the second phase, the programme has created awareness among 601 beneficiaries and trained 376 micro entrepreneurs from 11 Divisional Secretaries divisions in Galle and Anuradhapura districts. HNB has already provided loans to around 50 beneficiaries and are in the process of processing loans for other candidates, who has applied for loans.



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