Message from Hon. Minister of Ports & Shipping


*Proposed measures to be implemented to ease congestion in the Port of Colombo*

1) Should request all importers to remove their consignments from the Port - *relevant authorities should act immediately*

2) Curfew Passes to be issued to all staff/manpower involved, including bank/ SLSI/ shipping agents who report to work/ port from their homes by vehicles, motorcycles, three-wheels etc- *SLPA Opp + DIG office *

3) To issue a special coloured Curfew Pass to the consignee designated / wharf/ Lorry driver / Lorry/ labour immediately from port to the location *- SLPA Opp + DIG office *

4) All Essential Food Commodities, Medicines and other priority cargo will be cleared immediately and the Customs will expedite the clearing of all other cargo to its maximum capacity effectively. - *Customs + SLPA + Banks + SLSI + relevant parties*

5) All parties should work closely and clear the current congestion within the shortest possible time, allowing more terminal space for the expected new arrivals.
**Transshipment cargo-terminal space *

*Essentials- immediate dispatching *

*Other cargo- all available space in port.* ( as we have around 8/10 acres of free land )- *MD+ SLPA team to inspect & propose immediately . *

While thanking each and everyone personally for your wonderful effort during this time, we look forward for a smooth operation to serve the best for our people and our motherland during this difficult time.

Johnston Fernando

Minister of Ports and Shipping