The Ceylon Chamber has partnered with Linear Squared (PVT) Ltd, a technology company specialized in building machine learning and AI products that drive proactive actions for continuous business growth across multiple industries, to deliver a webinar on how to apply AI in everyday business operations.

The webinar, scheduled for Tuesday (21st April) is ideal for professionals involved in the e-commerce industry, manufacturing, retail, IT, production lines, logistics, and apparel sectors.

In today's digital world we are overwhelmed by data that are generated by the seconds, across the globe.  Given the amount of data sources and the unrestrained accessibility, organizations can solve multitudes of business issues with the right recipe of information and technology. Organizations must find ways to use these data efficiently to grow and compete. One can only realize the true value of data once they are processed the correct way which requires special effort and skill. With the right expertise and efficient algorithms, raw data can be transformed to  pro-active actions which can solve many challenges businesses are facing today. Learn to use data to identify new ways of streamlining operations, optimizing inventory, enhancing customer experience and managing your working capital.  

The session will be conducted by Sankha Muthu Poruthotage, PhD, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Linear Squared (Pvt) Ltd.

To register, kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.