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What is a GTIN (Barcode)?

barcodeA GTIN (Global Trading Item Number) is a machine-readable code in the form of numbers, which is indicated using a series of bars and spaces printed in defined ratios. It is read electronically through a laser or camera-based system which will help to search an associated record that contains descriptive data and other important information in a system.

Benefits of GTIN (Barcode)
  • Eliminates human errors:

    With the help of the barcoding technology the company will be able to eliminate the manual errors and as a result it will improve the efficiency of the company.

  • Ability to maintain an automated inventory control system:

    As the inventories are barcoded, the whole inventory operation can be computerized.

  • Enables to save time and costs:

    With barcoded inventories, work can be done with lesser number of workers at a limited time period, delivering them significant costs and time savings.

  • Improves operational efficiency:

    Since barcodes permit faster and more accurate records the work in process can fulfill one customer's requirements quickly.


What is Global Standard 1 (GS1)?

GS1 is the global language used by businesses to interact with both local and international stakeholders.

With the help of GS1, the businesses will be able to identify, capture and share information with each other, which is a crucial part of a business.

The variations in carrying out value chain activities by companies make them unique from one another, these variations would also result in confusions among entities and this is where GS1 comes into play. Today, barcodes play a major role in supply chains empowering parties such as retailers, manufacturers, transport providers and hospitals to identify and track products at every stage of the supply chain and realize changing consumer demands at the minimal cost.


The importance of joining GS1

  • Products are internationally identifiable:

    A product barcoded in one country are uniquely identifiable in all the other countries. Thus, your products are easily recognizable anywhere in the world.

  • International Quality Assurance for your products:

    The GS1 keys appearing on your product assures that your products comply with Global Standards 1 System.

  • Your products become internationally competitive:

    As countries like USA, UK, Germany require exporters to have their products barcoded, you can have a competitive advantage over other exporters by barcoding your products.

GS1 designs and manages a global system of supply chain standards.


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GS1 Lanka is the sole authorized body to operate the GS1 supply chain standard system in Sri Lanka. We issue international barcodes for Sri Lankan companies and maintain the Sri Lankan GS1 product number bank. We always ensure that our members have the help and support whenever they need to obtain maximum benefit from using the international GS1 standard system. Issuing or using of Barcodes from a different entity within Sri Lanka would be Illegal and legal actions would be ta ken against such Parties.


How do you purchase Barcodes?


It is a simple procedure as to which you could obtain your barcodes within a matter of Half an hour. Contact us to obtain the application.



  • An individual present who has authority to sign an agreement on behalf of the company (If sole proprietorship /partnership the owner).


  • Business Registration Certificate Original or a certified and a copy (Mandatory).


  • Director's details- Original and a copy of Form 1 or Form 20 (Rubber seal is Mandatory).


  • Billing Proof ex: Telephone bill or Electricity bill.


  • Payments via Cash for immediate release of numbers OR cheque payment in favor of "GS1 Lanka''. For payment though cheque numbers will be released after 4 to 5 working days.


Contact Us

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No. 50, Navam Mawatha,
Colombo 02.

T +94 (0)11 5588800
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