Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award

Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award
26 Nov 2018
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26 Nov 2018


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the ‘Best Corporate Citizen-Sustainability Award 2018’, for the Fifteenth consecutive year.  The objective of the event is to recognise the importance of Corporate Sustainability in Sri Lanka and encourage businesses to adopt best practices to create goods and services, using processes and systems that ensure efficient use of resources, minimize pollution of the environment, are safe and healthy for workers, consumers and communities and enhance the well-being of all communities, in line with achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Many awards have been lined up to recognize best performers in corporate sustainability initiatives in Sri Lanka.

The Best Corporate Citizen Award ceremony will be held at the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, on 26th November 2018.  

How to Apply


The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award assesses the interactions of a corporate entity, private or public, listed or unlisted, with its stakeholders; Environment, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Community, Government and Shareholders.

Applications will be called under two categories:

Category A: Any listed or unlisted company/enterprise from the Private or Public (Government) sector, including Group Companies with a turnover of Rs 15bn or over.  

Category B: Any listed or unlisted, private or public Enterprise, with a turnover below Rs.15bn.



- Winner of Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2018, the First and Second runners up selected from all applicants in Categories A & B

- Winner, Runner up and Second Runner up from Category B

- The Top Ten Corporate Citizens selected from all applicants under Categories A & B

- Triple Bottom Line Awards for:

  • Environmental Sustainability (Planet)
  • Social Sustainability (People)
  • Economic Sustainability (Profit)

-  Category Awards for the best performance under;

  • Environmental Commitment
  • Environmental Integration
  • Environment Beyond the Business
  • Employee Relations
  • Customer Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Governance
  • Financial Performance
  • Economic Contribution

-  Sector Awards for the best performance under;

  • Agriculture Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Finance Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Infrastructure & Logistics Sector
  • Knowledge Services Sector
  • Leisure Sector
  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Diversified Holdings
  • Other

-     Grand Slam Award:

A Grand Slam Award will be offered for any entity which wins the award in 5 different years, to recognize continuous excellence over a long period.  Companies that have won previously are encouraged to maintain their sustainability performance to achieve this award.

- Award for the Best Presented Application


Description of Category Awards

Short descriptions of the areas assessed under the nine categories are provided below. The application should cover activities/ initiatives taken during the year 2017-2018, unless specifically stated in the application.

Environmental Commitment - Demonstrated corporate commitment in mainstreaming environment management through policy, investments, training education and technology innovations within the organization and influencing clients to improve their environment management. Recognition and incorporation of eco-system contributions in business policy and actions.

Environmental Integration - Efforts to minimize environmental foot print in business processes through compliance, standards, resource use efficiency, use of renewable sources and efforts to reduce pollution loads to air, water, soil etc., including greening the supply chains.

Environment contributions Beyond the Business - May include Eco-friendly projects carried out by the organization during the last three years with demonstrated qualitative and quantitative impacts that are not directly related to normal business operations.

Employee Relations - Strategies that were adopted during the year to strengthen Employee relations; provide opportunity for training, career advancement, and equal opportunities in employment; and ensure employment benefits, social security and occupational safety and health (OSH) and enhanced workplace wellbeing.

Customer Relations - Policies and measures to improve the products / services provided to customers; the extent / effectiveness in responsible marketing by providing relevant information and obtaining feedback; minimizing the negative impacts applicable in increasing the distribution/sale of the products/services; long term initiatives to enhance customer satisfaction and overall compliance with customer issues and challenges.

Community Relations - Mechanisms to identify requirements of the community that it interacts with, including partnerships and suppliers and response to the needs of communities. Company’s overall strategy for identifying and implementing special projects.

Governance - frameworks, structures and processes of an entity to facilitate conformance to requirements, equity among stakeholders, ethical behaviour and optimum performance.

Financial Performance - the performance and position of the entity measured in financial terms.

Economic Contribution - the extent to which the entity contributes to the economy through investments, employment, value creation and facilitation of regional development.

Category Awards (nine) for consistent commitment and demonstrated improvement, selected from corporates participated in The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award at least three years during the last five years.



Initiated in 2007, the ‘Best Project Awards’ are an attempt to recognize and encourage noble efforts of the private/public sector to engage in specific projects relating to the Environment (Planet) and Society (People), covering a wide arena of activities such as Education, Training, Community services, Housing for low income people, Infrastructure, Environmental preservation etc. These projects could be either integrated with the normal operations of the business or go beyond the normal operations of the business but must necessarily contribute to the well-being of the people or the planet.


The projects will be broadly classified under two areas which will cover : 

  • Planet
  • People



All private and public companies listed/unlisted, Government undertakings/institutions are eligible to apply. Holding companies should provide a list of all their subsidiaries and the application should cover details pertaining to all subsidiaries.  

Applications should be submitted in both soft and hard copy formats, together with supporting documents. 

The applicants should provide information requested in all categories under the three pillars: Environment, Social and Economic, to be eligible for the Best Corporate Citizen-Sustainability Award. Please refer the guidelines in the application form for further details. Application forms and guidelines are available at The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and can also be downloaded here:

Application for Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2018

Application for Best Sustainability Projects Awards 2018

An application processing fee of Rs. 50,000/= should accompany each application for the Best Corporate Citizen-Sustainability Award. Cheques should be crossed and drawn in favour of “The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce”.



In evaluating the applications, all questions addressed in the application will be taken into account. An independent Evaluation Panel will scrutinize applications as per a predetermined marking scheme under each area. An equal weightage will be assigned to the three pillars: Environment, Social and Economic in arriving at the final scores. 

The short listed applicants will be called for an interview with the Evaluation Panel for clarifications. Thereafter, consequent to further short listing, applicants will be called upon to make a brief presentation and face an interview with the Panel of Judges which will also carry marks. The CEO and the CSR Manager should represent the company at the final interview. The decisions of the Evaluation Panel and the Judges will be final and binding upon all applicants.



All applications along with the payment of the processing fee should be received by the Chamber on or before 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 12th October 2018. The Application should be submitted either under the name of “Best Corporate Citizen-Sustainability Award 2018” or “Best Projects Sustainability Awards 2018” as appropriate, along with the company name. When submitting applications, the top left hand side of the envelope should be marked “Best Corporate Citizen- Sustainability Award 2018” or “Best Projects Sustainability Awards 2018”. An official receipt should be obtained when handing over the application/s which will indicate the date and time of receipt.


All applications should be submitted to:  

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
50 Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2
Contact Person:  Ms Whitney Fraser
Tel: 11 2421745-6, 115588850
Fax: 11 2449352, 112381012
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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