The Commercial Documents Registration Division (CDRD) of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was established in 1925 as one of the privileged entities to authorize the issuance of Country of Origin Certificates in Sri Lanka.  Today the CDRD plays a pivotal role among the range of services provided by the CCC to the Sri Lankan Business Community.


The Commercial Documents Registration Division is well known for efficiently issuing reliable and accurate certificates in Sri Lanka. CDRD upholds its standards to align with the rules of origin. In addition to issuing Country of Origin certificates, the CDRD also registers other commercial documents such as Commercial Invoices, Outside Survey Reports, Phytosanitary Certificates, Sales Agreements, Health Certificates, Saudi/Jordan Business Visa Letters and many more.


With the purpose of catering more to our customers’ needs the CDRD introduced the fully automated E-Co System in 2014. The electronic issuance of Certificate of Origin (E-Co) allows exporters to submit their documents online for registration and download the registered document through the system. The web based system is accessible through


The latest feature which is proposed to be implemented is the facility to search for documents through a unique reference number made available to key stakeholders such as the Customs departments, Embassies and Banks. The system ensures authenticity through two way digital signatures.

List of Surveyors

Appointment of Chamber Surveyors and Assessors.

(Quality Surveyors – Export Cargo Surveyors)


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce annually appoints panels of surveyors for various commodities, products and ship surveys to carry out the surveys according to the requirements of local and foreign buyers. The core determinations of the surveys are to assure that the quality of the cargo (exported from Sri Lanka) meets the buyer’s requirements as well as to ensure that the cargo is stowed in a proper manner aboard and to issue inspection or survey reports attested by the CCC.

The CCC retains a panel of surveyors for import cargo with the purpose of surveying the damaged cargo to claim insurance. The CCC has appointed more than 100 Surveyors for the year under review.


Issuing reliable and accurate certificates with speedy service in Sri Lanka.
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