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Commercial Document Registration

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was the pioneer organization authorized by the Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1925, to issue Certificates of Origin (C/O) in Sri Lanka. The Commercial Documents Registration Division (CDRD) of the CCC which was set up for this purpose, has now completed 86 years.

CDRD plays a pivotal roll amongst the range of services provided by the CCC to the Sri Lankan business community at large. Vital commercial documents such as Certificates of Origin, Commercial & Freight Invoices, Agency Agreements, Survey reports, Phytosanitary& Health certificates, Authentication of Saudi Visas, Certificates of beneficiaries, to name a few, are registered by this division.

A fully secured online system was launched in July 2007 by the CCC and electronic issuance of Certificates of Origin (e-CO) allows exporters to submit their documents online. The registered Certificate is kept ready for the Exporter to collect, at his convenience. This system not only saves time as the document could be forwarded to the Chamber even after working hours but also reduces cost, paperwork and eliminate delays to the users.

Contact – Thilini Wijesinghe


+94 11 5588811

Contact – Kasun Fonseka



Hotline/Helpline Number


+94 11 2433148 , +94 11 2421745-6


+94 11  2437477, +94 11 2449352, +94 11 2381012

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